How many t-shirt shops does one town need?

We took grandkids to Mackinac Island this weekend. They had been on a trip to Tennessee earlier in the summer. About an hour into the drive North, one of the kids asked, “what State are we in now?” I realized that they thought it was going to be an all day drive. I told them, we will be there just after lunch time. Bruce told them, “plus, we get to stop along the way.” Bruce loves goat rodeos and he had me watching for historical signs of interesting locations. We missed the Hardy Dam heading up and plan to see it on the way home.

So, the goat rodeo begins…..

First stop, McDonalds in Houghton Lake and finding a playground. Yup, grandpa likes to play too.

Houghton Lakeside playground.

Second stop Fort Michilimackinac. We had blue skies; running around the fort; looking out at Lake Michigan; 1715 toilets; and a musket being fired which made us all jump.

Mackinaw Bridge
Fort Michilimackinac

It was raining cats and dogs in the morning. But, we are going to the island. Can we get rain ponchos? “No, we will be ok.” The ferries across to Mackinac Island are pretty amazing with cutting through the waves. It seemed like a clear smooth day to be on the lake. A covered carriage ride around the island seemed in order. The carriages have been outfitted with plexiglas screens between the rows of benches. We were able to ride without our masks on. The kids were amazed by the number and size of the horses.

We looked for a pottery shop and sadly it was closed. T-shirts of all designs, colors, and sizes are available. Really, how many t-shirt shops do we need?

I love finding lines and texture wherever we wander.

Fort michilimackinac
Fort Rooflines
Fort michilimackinac

It was a goat rodeo home and we did see the Hardy Dam. The drop off on one side was daunting. A fun weekend of seeing the best of Michigan.

Take care and have some fun, C2.

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