How to Clean & Care for Your Acrylic Paintings

Care for Your Acrylic Painting

On the edge of fall landscape painting by Mark Mehaffey

Painting by Mark Mehaffey


We are asked quite often “How do I take care of my acrylic painting? Do you know of anyone who can repair my investment?”
Don’t allow any rigid object to press against the front or back surface of the stretched canvas as this could create permanent indentation damage. When storing or transferring, take care to protect the canvas surfaces from becoming dinged or dented.
If though, your canvas painting does get slightly stretched or dented in an area, sometimes spraying water on the back side ( the unpainted side) of the canvas can shrink the stretch/dent. It depends on how severe the indentation is. If unsure about doing this yourself, have a professional do it. 
Don’t ever attempt to clean the surface by using solvents or cleaning products OF ANY KIND!! Cleaning liquids may actually embed the dirt into the painting and cause permanent liquid lines over the surface. In fact, it is discouraged to use any liquid, including water, to clean the surface of your acrylic painting.
Do use compressed air in a can to blow away surface dust. You can slightly dampen a very soft cotton cloth with only water and wipe the surface of the painting.  We suggest weekly dusting the top edge of your painting, too. Be careful not to bump or scratch the painting. If the paint is damaged in any way, avoid dusting altogether. 
Do seek out professional services if you find, after years of display, that cleaning with compressed air or a soft cloth do not remove the dirt. Seek out professional services appropriate for the piece. Consider an experienced art conservator who will know the correct method due to their extensive training and experience. The risk of damage to the painting will be much less if it is cleaned by a reputable professional in the field of fine art conservation.
Please understand that the artist is not responsible for damage to your painting caused by improper display, cleaning or storage.
Suggested Professionals:
Carlos Moya,,
Amber Smith Schabdach,,
Julie Simek,,
Joshua Freedland,,
Original art is an investment, not only valued monetarily. Your painting will be appreciated by future generations, not just by those who view it today.