“I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream.”

“I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream.” It’s amazing to me how the world can be such a small place.  I have had Tom Edwards’ fun pottery in my gallery since 2011.  A mutual clay friend connected us.  Until this week, I hadn’t read his website “artist info” page.  I was so surprised and then I wasn’t, at all.  The world is a small place.  We were supposed to meet.

In 2005, I attended a Robin Hopper Glaze course.  I roomed with Mary Cay, from Colorado.  She had driven to the course with another clay artist, Kathleen Laurie.  It was two weeks of making glazes.  We worked and played hard.  This might be too much information but Kathleen and I discovered liking the exact same clothes.  She would appear at breakfast in a t-shirt and pants.  I would have the same tshirt and pants on in a different color.  Plus, we wear the same size!!  Since that course, we know that if we travel together, we can share items that the other might have forgotten. One time while hiking from her home, I had to borrow a fleece and rain jacket.  Sure enough, it started thundering while out on the hike.  I digress…..

Spin forward to 2011, I opened C2C Gallery in Grand Haven, Michigan. Kathleen suggested that I look at Tom Edwards’ pottery.  It was fun; well crafted; and different from anything else out on the market.  Tom has a zany sense of humor.  Some not always appropriate for the midwest sensibilities.  While preparing for our weekly Virtual Wednesday, I reviewed Tom’s website.  I learned that he applied to a clay exhibit featuring ceramic dishes to eat Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  The exhibit was sponsored by Vermont Clay Studio.  I was on the board of this non profit during that time period!  Ben Cohen juried that show.  I didn’t communicate with Tom then.  But, it seems that we were destined to work together.

Please take a few minutes to look at Tom’s handmade mugs and bowls.  We have plates, too.  These unique items make fun gifts for that person who doesn’t need another thing or maybe you want to give them a laugh.

Below is a small selection of the mugs and bowl made by Tom.  Please go to his portfolio page to see more items currently available for purchase.   Thank you and take good care, C2.

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