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January is almost over.  What are you doing to set yourself up to be successful?  I have major changes coming this year in my business life.  But for now, I am thinking about my personal life.  I want to learn how to play pickle-ball.  I have never been a ball sports person.  Actually, not an athlete at all.  My parents and sibling are all athletes – loving golf, tennis, skiing.  My kids are athletes enjoying a wide variety of activities.  So, why not me?

I am stubborn.  That’s why.  I didn’t become skilled quickly and I quit.  No one said to me “It’s ok.  Just keep trying.”

It took me almost 5 years to center two pounds of clay on a potter’s wheel,  efficiently.    To give myself grace, I had only one night a week to practice.  Raising 6 kids, is a bit busy.  But, I kept at it.  Ten years later, my girl friend said “I thought you would never learn to center clay.  Look at you now.”  She was one of those people who learned quickly.  Thankfully, she held her tongue.  If she had said anything about my efforts, I probably would have quit.  It took 15 years to discover what clay body spoke to me.  I love working in porcelain!  I love sculpture.  Can I break the rules?  Can I create sculptural art using porcelain?  I want to say “yes”.  Off on a goat rodeo, headed skiing.  Take care, C2.

Cyndi Casemier artist at work

cyndi casemier porcelain houses

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