Is your life spinning out of control?

Is your life spinning out of control?

Lately, my head is spinning.  We have had a winter that doesn’t quit.  I publicly stated that I was doing 100 days in clay, a pound a day.  I got to 11 days and now I have all kinds of excuses.  I think of clay every day.  I touch it most days.  But, then…………my to-do list gets the best of me.  I own a gallery.  I represent over 30 artists.  I work hard to represent them well.  I……I……I……I.  So, what did I do today?

I met with two artists that I respect.  They love what they make, they love their lives, and they enjoy friends.  They invited me to go to lunch and see a couple of museum exhibits.  I so wanted to accept.  But, I had a mile long to-do list.  They headed out to have a great day of looking at art and talking, eating, enjoying each others company.

What did I do?  I checked on some pots.  Wrote a newsletter.  Worked on designing a poster to be sold in the gallery this summer.  Dealt with bills and bookkeeping.  Posted a couple marketing entries on Facebook and LinkedIn and Tweeted.  Did I touch clay?  No.  Did I see some wonderful sculptural work?  Yes.  A girlfriend, who is a professor and an artist, called.  Her day had opened up, “Could I go to the Muskegon Museum of Art? for an hour?”  Yes, I could.   I am so glad that I took the time.  Breath……………….

We were able to see kids artwork from Muskegon County.  If you ever want to be inspired, go see Children’s art.  By the way, Fire Barn Gallery in Grand Haven is hosting a childrens’ show opening tomorrow night.

Also, at the Muskegon Museum of Art, is a clay sculptural and glass exhibit.  It is amazing how creative people can be.

Besides, the Sculptural exhibit, there is a glass show.  We are hosting a glass show at C2C, also.  There was one piece in the MMA exhibit that related to one of our pieces.  You will have to go to both locations to decide if I am correct.

Remember, I started this post, with saying that my head is spinning.  Yesterday, I was in Williamston, Michigan to visit Mark Chatterley.  Wait until you see his work!

Mark Chatterley's Sculpture