It’s the First Weekend of the summer. Time for a Goat Rodeo.

It’s Memorial Day weekend. We are still in lockdown with Covid-19. But, we had to go do something. Time for a wander.

I started the morning with trimming a few dinner plates, showered up, and we hit the road. First stop, of course, a slirpee. Then, we headed towards Ada. We are ahead of schedule and decided to see if we could walk through Meijer Gardens. Nope! Locked up tight as a drum!

Meijer Gardens
Ben Webster Sculpture at Meijer Gardens

Did you know that the Red Sculpture at its entrance is an abstraction of Ben Webster? This sculpture was created by Mark di Suvero. He is among America’s most admired and celebrated sculptors. Closely associated with the aesthetics of Abstract Expressionism, his is a vocabulary of industrial materials carefully conjoined. Music, poetry and literature are important touchstones for di Suvero, who pays homage to the legendary jazz saxophonist Ben Webster. This work was specifically sited at the entrance to Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park by Mr. Di Suvero.

From Meijer Gardens, we headed to Julie Billups studio to pick up new jewelry for the gallery. So much fun to see her home and studio, plus meet her dog, Jax.

Julie has a great set up. It was fun being able to pick out new earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for customers. This is how her art begins:

After an hour in Julie’s studio, we headed to PF Chang’s for takeout and downtown Grand Rapids to look at the flooding. The Grand River is SO high! A lot of the walking paths are missing – under water.

Grand River downtown Grand Rapids MI
Downtown Grand Rapids at the Grand River

It was wonderful to picnic with food that I didn’t cook, enjoy the sunshine, and watch the river. We headed back to Grand Haven. Ending the day at our waterfront and boardwalk. Lots of people out and about but it seemed as though everyone was being careful with social distancing. End of a nice day and a fun goat rodeo.

Grand Haven Lighthouse
Grand Haven’s Lighthouse

Take good care, c2.

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