I was told this morning, “Just have fun.”

Yes, I am going to have fun today. I hope we see lots of friends – make some new and familiar ones. Sweet friends of the gallery sent me flowers yesterday. My absolute favorite – yellow tulips and purple Siberian irises.

I am grateful. Grateful for the ability to offer art to our community sharing the insights of the artists who created functional pottery, sculpture, landscape and abstract paintings, iconic photographs of the area, and hand fabricated jewelry.

Oh, guess who is appearing this afternoon, a wonderful human, Susan Picking. She texted me yesterday saying that she was in town and could she perform during the day! See what I mean! So many good friends.

Susan Picking.

I have learned a lot about art, retail, management, West Michigan, and myself.

Our world is in a crazy place right now. I believe it’s going to be ok and I believe this because this is when humans, people like you and me, show how we can be kind, care about one another, and be of service. I can’t but help think of the friends who have died in the last 10 years. One thing I know for certain, life is always changing and sending us curve balls.

Cyndi reacting to bob walma taking a pictureBut, for today, let’s smile, remember fun days and evenings from the past ten years. I am grateful.  I am always telling Bob Walma to stop taking pictures.  I am grateful that he ignored me all of these years.

Let’s have some fun today!

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