Just Sayin’ Life, 100: Four Years ago This Week

Four years ago, this week, the Covid-19 pandemic began.  It used to be that we would ask one another, what were you doing when you learned that the Twin Towers had been hit by a plane?  Now, we ask, what were you doing March 15, 2020?

This week marks four years since the COVID-19 crisis was officially declared a pandemic, four years since the world shut down in the name of saving lives. It’s a tough anniversary for many of us, but one that bears reflecting on. Baker Lexie Smith did her own reflection in a recent New York Times column, writing about a popular early pandemic coping mechanism: sourdough. As coronavirus spread, Smith sent over 1,700 packets of dried sourdough starter from her kitchen in New York to fellow bakers around the world, from Canada to Greece, China, Argentina, and even Australia. If you didn’t get into the sourdough craze back then (or even if you did), check out King Arthur’s easy everyday recipe — and consider granting yourself some space this week to think about all that’s changed since March 2020.

I didn’t make sourdough.  Did you?  I can remember wondering if we could touch the gas pump or buy food with gloves.

A Party –

Sarah, Julie and I did organize a farewell party. The party was scheduled for March 21, 2020.  We didn’t know if anyone would dare join us.  At that time, we were not required to wear masks.  We had lots of questions, though.

Staff and Cyndi on March 21, 2020.

I had decided to move C2C Gallery from a brick and mortar store into an  e-commerce business.  Sarah helped me carry our artwork to my home.  We converted my lower level into offices and storage space for the artwork. She and I had worked together as a team for 5 years.  Julie joined us in 2018.  Together, we learned how to take good product images, all about SEO, and write better newsletters.  Anita Yoder was our webmaster helping us learn more about WordPress.

The party was bittersweet.  We wondered if anyone would join us on that Saturday 4 years ago.  Susan Picking played in the window.  She had helped me with her musical talents many times over the years. From the beginning, Bob Walma recorded our events.   I remember the first summer we were opened, she and my daughter offered music and art projects to families.  Those were special days.  Now four years later, we march forward.

From 45 to 12 to 1, C2C is transforming into sharing my ceramic work.  I moved from my large family home August 2023 into a new work/live condominium.  I am excited to begin working in my new Grand Haven studio.

Looking back:

These pictures make me smile remembering the fun and community we created inside the walls of 104 Washington.  Stay tuned.

Cyndi Casemier, ceramic artist,
Susan Picking
The C2C gang
Bob Walma taking pictures at C2C gallery
Karisa Wilson 2019
First Friday Art Talk
paintings by Mark Mehaffey and Donna Zagotta
Christi Dreese teaching an abstract workshop
Grand Haven High School art show
Cory McCrory paperclay Randy Smith and Pat Fraker goofing around
Paper clay workshop
Vince van Chatterley and the Mattone kids
#DIA student looking at artwork
John Martin showing our version of a Seurat painting
Fundraiser for BlueBird Cancer Retreats
Lots of people in the gallery - Wine about winter
Michelle Courier in Chicago
Bob Walma and Lee Brown
Kids talking with Cyndi as she works on potter's wheel
Julie Sanford, David TenCate, Bob Peskorse
cyndi waving from porch

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