Layering Jewelry for Your Holiday Clothing – Plus new jewelry artist in the Gallery!

Earlier this week, Lisa Lehmann, Julie Minnema, and myself hosted a Live Facebook event.  We had a lot of fun letting Lisa layer her necklaces, earrings, and bracelets on me and Julie.  It was interesting considering taking a leather wrap bracelet, learning to tie it, and then layering several bangle bracelets on the other arm.  Interesting thing I learned:  You can wear grandma’s beloved bracelet with new handmade bangles.

Leather Cuff bracelet by Lisa LehmannClick here – Learn how to tie Leather Cuffs

Please go back to our Facebook Event to see the layering options that we created.  In the discussion area of the event (on Facebook), we have posted the still images of the jewelry.  You can email, call, and visit the gallery to purchase these fun new pieces of jewelry – think Christmas and other gifts that are going to be purchased in the near future.

One thing that Lisa and I talked about was that all of us, women, have favorite pieces of jewelry that we wear daily or weekly.  You can still wear that special necklace, bracelet, or ring from Grandma.  Then, add new contemporary pieces to change your look from business casual to evening attire.  Here are the two necklaces that I LOVE!  I think I need them.  

Sterling silver lariat necklace by Lisa Lehmann

Next week, we will share other wonderful jewelry by our other jewelers:  Julie Sanford, Julie Billups, and Lochlin Smith.

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