le soleil brille

I woke to sunshine this morning!!!  Plus, it’s my grandson’s second birthday and my clay sister’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Vicki and Jack!!  My clay sisters and I usually travel together around her birthday.  So, we are missing both of them on their “days”.

Bruce asked me the other day, “How has the virus affected my life?”  I answered, basically not much.  I am a potter.  I work alone most of the time.  He reminded me that our hiking trip to Southern France was cancelled. I sheepishly, said “Oh yeah.  I guess in the scheme of things.  I have put the trip aside and am thinking about the issues at hand.”  Life seems so different now.

Over the last few days, we have been talking about being good grandparents.  Later, he asked me, “Did I take Camille to museums for her growth or my own interest?”  I answered both.  I always see something new in favorite exhibits and new ones.  I learn some nugget each time. She always had an artist that intrigued her so we would hunt the artwork down.  So, the larger question, “Is Camille an artist because she was exposed to the arts at an early age?”  Maybe. Camille and my other kids were exposed to the arts and sports, equally.   I do want to be a good elder to my grandchildren.  When the world is more open to movement around the country, I want to take my grand kids to museums, planetariums, zoos, and more.

My favorite pieces in Museum collections are:  13th Century Chinese Bronze vessels.  They always intrigue me.  I want to make an entire run of these in clay.

13th century chinese bronze wine vessel

What are you dreaming of doing tonight?  Take good care, C2.

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