Life, Gallery and Studio Musings, 18

Life, Gallery and Studio Musings, 18

Whew!  We made it to Arizona.  The last day of driving was long and snowy.  We drove from Santa Fe into Scottsdale.  Leo is a road warrior.  He rode across the country with very few complaints.  One the way to Santa Fe, I had to visit a Taos church.  It is about 200 years old, plus or minus.  Georgia O’Keefe depicted it as an abstraction.

Ranchos Church by Georgia Okeefe

I hoped LewAllen and LewAllen Jewelry was open on Sunday.  But, no.  Their store being closed, saved me some money. I can’t resist Laura’s handmade charms. I did find a hat shop for my friend Tony.

Plus, some public art:

This is how the roads looked in Northern Arizona three days ago:

Northern Arizona

On Monday, we visited Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale.  We wore masks and gloves.  It was quiet on the streets.  Sadly, I saw lots of empty store fronts.  I think Covid has been hard on Scottsdale retail businesses.  Xanadu is one business that I always visit.  They have a nice selection of wall art, glass, and sculpture.

Leo couldn’t help himself.  He asked to have his picture taken next to this puppy.  Who is cuter?

Leo and puppy sculpture

I am thinking that I should create large buildings when I return that are thin enough that light would glow through the porcelain.

Glass Sculpture at Xanadu Gallery

Take good care, C2.

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