“Life is a Beach”

The sun is shining here in West Michigan. We don’t have much snow. I will say it again, THE SUN IS SHINING. Blue skies always make me smile. ALWAYS! It doesn’t matter how my day is playing out. I can look up and see the blue AND I will smile. I can handle whatever is thrown in my path.

Surfers on Lake Michigan at grand haven Michigan photograph by bob walma

If I allow myself, heading to the beach is even better. Seeing a big body of water also makes me smile. I don’t care if it’s 80 degrees or 15 degrees with the wind howling. You just have to wear the appropriate clothing and I’m “good to go”. Like today, my goal is to bake three different types of cookies, make a roast, and have my parents over for dinner. Hmmm, where am I headed first? To the beach with Bruce, for a wander.

Lake Michigan sand photograph by bob walma

What in the world does any of this have to do with selling artwork? Well, it’s the last stretch for Holiday gifts. The gallery is open for shopping. It was discovered last night, in our household, that one of us didn’t realize that Christmas stockings still matter. And one of us, should not be filling our personal stocking.

Last minute shopping will be needed by many of us.

Do you or someone you know love beaches? Here is how we can help with a gift reminding them of their favorite place:

Handmade mugs by Cyndi Casemier with Lake Michigan beach sand

Lots of images of Grand Haven’s pier and lakeshore by Bob Walma:

Sunset and sailboats on Lake Michigan by bob walma

Plus we have coasters and car coasters by Christi Dreese in her vivid colors! Along with small inframed original paintings.

Coasters, prints, glass cutting boards by Christi Dreese

Coasters of Lake Michigan imagery by Christi Dreese

Lots of coasters and ornaments relating to our lakeshore:

Coasters, mugs, Christmas ornaments, gift tags, soap dishes with Lake Michigan beach sand by Cyndi Casemier

Surfers at grand haven’s state park on Lake Michigan photograph by bob walma

Stop into the gallery today and find your favorite handmade item that best represents “Life is a Beach”.

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