Life, Studio and Gallery: 62, Is it Spring?

Lake MI sunset Grand Haven

Spring is coming!  I promise.  I hear an owl late at night and early in the morning.  Plus, lots of other birds are singing.  When I am at the lakeshore for sundowners, I see that the sun is setting a bit more North.  Spring is surely on its way.  Live music is back on my radar.  I saw the Way Down Wanderers perform last night at Holland’s Park Theater .

I saw this group perform at our Historical Museum about 4 years ago.  They are fun, high energy and talented musicians.  Each of the artists plays several instruments.

The Way Down Wanderers


Do longer days energize you and help you consider hosting a dinner party?  It does me.  I found a couple of new recipes this week that I am passing along to you.  I haven’t tried them yet.  Send me a message if you do and tell me how you liked them.

-This asparagus recipe sounds like it could be a meal, if you are mostly plant based in your diet.

-Have you tried Shakshuka in a restaurant?  It looks easy to make at home.

-A new pasta dish?  Lemon Pesto Burrata and Brown Butter Gnocchi.

Have you tried anything new as a way to get exercise?  I found a Tai Chi class in Grand Haven.  One of my clay friends has been practicing it for more than 20 years.  She loves the practice.  I attended the class and found it very interesting.  I will be back this week.


handmade porcelain vase by cyndi casemier


Not much to share here except that I have been in my studio every day for the last 14 days.  It feels great.  Lots of pots are under plastic drying slowly.  A bisque kiln has been fired.  My kilns are in unheated areas.  The cold days are making it difficult for me to load and unload the kilns.  I have Raynaud’s Disease that is progressing as I age.  It makes handling pots in the cold very difficult.  My fingers lose all feeling and I could drop a pot if I am out in the kiln shed for more than 15 minutes.  So, I wait until its above 40 degrees.  I have several customers waiting for mugs and bowls.  I am trying.  Hopefully, the weather is going to change soon.

handmade serving platter by cyndi casemier

In the Gallery:

I wrapped up the Cups Invitational at the Muskegon Art Museum.  We are on their calendar for October 2023.  To announce these dates, makes me happy.  I love sharing the wide variety of cups that are being made across our country.

How do I use handmade pottery bowls?  

Well, I use them all day.  I eat my morning granola in a handmade cereal bowl.  They go from the cupboard; to the microwave thawing blueberries; and then into the dishwasher.  Yes, you can put almost any high fired North American functional pottery in the microwave and the dishwasher.  I use small bowls for nuts, cotton balls, candy, car keys, and jewelry.  Larger bowls for serving the main course and side dishes.

When I first started making pots, one class instructor asked us to make 50 different ice cream bowls.  Yes, 50!  Our class groaned but then found it very interesting to see how we could alter them.  Maybe you could start an handmade ice cream ceramic bowl collection?  Just an idea!

Are you ready to host Easter dinner or a spring time meal with friends?  Take a look at our pottery bowls and other serving pieces as you plan these events.  Plus, we are offering 20% off everything in the gallery through April 18 to help you get ready and choose Mother’s Day Gifts.

Mother’s Day Sale through April 18.

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Take good care and Think Spring, 


photograph of the sun setting at the end of the pier in Grand Haven

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