Life, Studio and Gallery: 73, Celebrating Teenagers and Life Long Learning

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Leo the havaton

Leo turns two this week.  So, if you believe in dog years, he is now a 14 year old teen ager.  Do you remember your kids (boys) at this age?  Or yourself?  A bit awkward.  A bit not sure if they want to be kids loving and looking up to their parents.  Or, do they want to step out onto the wild side, just a little bit?  The other dog with Leo is Hannah.  Bob Walma‘s dog.  Hannah is 12.  In the past she hasn’t wanted to put up with Leo’s energy.  They played nicely on this play date.  So, maybe, just maybe, Leo is growing up.  I figure that this time next year, he will be 21 and an adult.

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What are you cooking right now?  We have cousins arriving this weekend.  We haven’t gotten together in years to just have fun.  My mom and dad, plus an uncle are joining us too.  Here is what I have found that I am considering:

Berry Kale Salad

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

Healthy Banana Muffins

Spinach Quiche – it can be gluton free, too

In one of the blogs that I read, I found this idea for singles and couples.  A capsule pantry. Love the idea!

This writer explained that she sticks to the same base ingredients every week: tortillas, eggs, black beans, chickpeas, kale, onions, poblano peppers, mushrooms, and potatoes. With these items, she’s able to easily create go-to meals like veggie egg cups for breakfast or black bean tacos for lunch. Then she adds in a few extra ingredients each week depending on what she’s in the mood for.

One of the things I love about the clay world, is that there is always more to learn.  This past week, I learned more about why there are so many potters in North Carolina.  It’s because of the natural pockets of clay and other minerals that we use as potters.  Of course, learning is true in the other art mediums too.  I do believe that being a life long learner is so important.  And on that note, I am reminding myself that Leo is headed back to school too.  Time for a better trained dog.  😊

I hope you enjoy the last few days of summer.  Here in West Michigan, we have lovely weather into late October some years.  I am looking forward to the sunny days and cool nights.  Remember that we are celebrating my making it through two years of puppyhood.  🐶

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take good care, Cyndi

cyndi casemier

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