Life, Studio and Gallery: 81, Drew a line and called it home

How are you?

Have you heard of Susan Burton?

Susan Burton Activist

Many years ago, I was attending a masters course in ceramic glaze chemistry.  At the end of the course, one of my classmates whispered in my ear, “I hope I will always be your friend.  I would hate to be on your bad side.”  This comment startled me.  I try so hard to be friendly and kind to people around me.  Now, 20 years later, after many ups and downs in my life.  I understand that when necessary I have backbone.  Never underestimate what a determined woman can accomplish.  This past week, I was invited to hear Susan Burton speak about her past and what she created.  You have heard me say this before, that we are all creative.  Her story is creativity at its best.  The re-creation of her life and others.  

From a friend, “ I loved meeting Susan—and feel like she is a shining example  of the positive change one person can bring to the world.”

Susan Burton had a childhood filled with immense pain, poverty, abuse, and the tragic loss of her 5 year old son.  Her life descended into addiction which in turn led to arrests and incarceration.  She cycled in and out of prison.  When she finally received treatment (treatment that white middle class women are offered first instead of prison), her political awakening began.  She is a powerful advocate for a “more humane justice system guided by compassion and dignity”. Susan created an organization, A New Way of Life, that has transformed the lives of more than one thousand formerly incarcerated women.  It is now an international model for rehabilitation and reentry into the world.  Ms. Barton has written a book that you should consider reading, “Becoming Ms. Burton.”

Why am I mentioning this organization?  It’s because I am feeling surrounded by a negative world, angst, worry, and war.  I needed to hear about a woman doing good in her world.  I thought you might need to, also.  

A lighter topic:  “She drew a line and called it home.”

Check out this gals art:  Anastasia Parmson. I wish I could draw like this.

What are you cooking this week?

Easy White Chicken Chili

Fish Taco Bowls

Spicy Chipotle Salmon Bowls

Nut Free Granola Bars

art instillation

Studio and Gallery:

Last weekend’s show “Art in the Yard 2022” was a success on many levels.  We had more than 650 people attend this one evening exhibit.  38 artists exhibited work.  We had more business sponsorships than in previous years.  A total of 190 buyers purchasing more than $19,000 in artwork. Door donations in excess of $5,800. The Grand Haven Schools Foundation and our artists are grateful. The Baker family was with us every step of the way helping us set up; their staff moving lumber around; artists hanging artwork in an organized manner; a food truck, “Crepes by the Lakes” served yummy food offerings; and live music by local group, Catfish and the Man.

I am grateful for the support of my new ceramic artwork.  I sold almost everything that I brought to the show.  You know what that means.  I am in the studio starting tomorrow.  The next to purchase my beach vessels will be at OxBow’s new Winter Market beginning November 26-December 17.  Thursdays through Saturdays.  Ox-Bow House is located at 137 Center Street, Douglas, MI.

ceramic beach vessel by cyndi casemier

four seasons bowls

four seasons bowls

The bowls shown above are my four seasons bowls.  Winter: The largest one is a White Chun glaze.  I would suggest using it for cheese and crackers; a sliced roast; raw veggies.  Spring: The next one in size has a green glaze that sometimes fires pink/red.  I would use this serving bowl for the same purposes as the winter bowl.  I would also bake in it:  scalloped potatoes, apple crisp, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, a salad of some type too.  Summer: The blue serving bowl.  I could see bread sticks or silverware in it.  Flowers, too.  Napkins.  Tall veggies. A wine bottle.  The last piece is Autumn.  It is an orange shino glaze.  I would use this for a wine bottle, silverware, and flowers.  Each bowl has my signature Lake Michigan beach sand on the exterior.  They are food safe on the interior.  You could purchase the set and give individual pieces as gifts.  Keep it for yourself, too.  Just sayin’.

I had a great week last week.  Filled with talking to community members at the pop up show; hearing about Susan Burton’s projects; cooking for my folks and friends; journaling about new clay work; and making plans to visit my daughter in Chicago.  I can’t wait to spend a few hours with her to hear about her art projects at the Art Institute.  When she and I do get to spend time together, I leave excited for her projects to be put out into the world.  A nice break from the world.

Take care and have a good week, Cyndi

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