Life, Studio and Gallery Musings, 23: What a Fun Week!

Life, Studio and Gallery Musings, 23: What a Fun Week!

I have been home for a week.  It’s been great to sleep in my own bed, shop in “my” grocery store, and walk the neighborhood.  Leo is happy to be home too.  Thinking back on my month in Arizona, I really missed our coffeemaker (Bruce, of course) and our handmade cup collection.  It took me several visits to arts organizations to find a mug that felt right to me.

Handmade ceramic mugs and coffeeWe had sunshine every day this week gives me so much energy.  I talked with Tony Clennell this week about our upcoming artist talk.  I am creating a list of talking points.  He will keep me on my toes but in a fun way.  I love his wit and knowledge about current books, the ceramic world, and being out in the world.

large serving bowl by michael kiferWe had a fabulous week in the gallery. Several sales of prints of Christi Dreese’s original lakeshore themed paintings; two landscape paintings by Mark Mehaffey; a fabulous serving bowl by Michael Kifer; and a couple of my serving bowls.  I am very grateful for these purchases.  I know that the buyers (collectors) will enjoy them for years to come.

Do you volunteer for any non-profits or help with kiddos?  Just wondering.  One of the committees that I serve on is responsible for how our downtown shopping district looks.  We are hoping to raise donations to install a new Mark Chatterley Sculpture this Spring.  I am keeping my fingers crossed but very determined to find the money to bring one of these blue pups into downtown Grand Haven.

mark chatterley sculpture

Yes, I did get into my studio this week.  Let’s see soap dishes, mugs, large serving bowls, a couple of new boat like forms, and ceramic gift tags for purchases as a thank you.  Hopefully, a few houses this weekend.

porcelain serving platter

Bruce, Leo and I have been out walking most days.  It’s been a very cold wind from the North at the lakeshore.  But, the sun is shining!!  Spring must be on its way.

photograph of snow with the grand haven lighthouse behind it

photograph by Bob Walma

I hope you have a good weekend and are able to get outside a bit.  The world seems to be feeling a bit lighter now that the vaccines are being widely distributed.

Take good care, C2.

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