Looking Back to 2010.

I turned 50 in 2010. It was a year with lots of travel; creative ideas; business plans; and more. I found these posts written when I was thinking of entering ArtPrize 2010.


Cyndi Casemier and Dake Inc employees ArtPrize 2010

I did create a sculpture for ArtPrize. I learned a lot in the process. Since 2010, C2C Gallery came into existence. We have created a venue for artists to sell work. Participated in our community by helping a variety of non-profits. Offered art classes. Provided opportunities for musicians. Plus, employed more than 8 people over the years.

Cyndi Casemier entry ArtPrize 2010

Industrial Change it’s inevitableEnvironmental change it’s inevitableChange, it’s inevitable

Artist Statement for ArtPrize 2010 entry by Cyndi Casemier

So, what now? I find myself thinking about sculptural work again. Looking back, I have to wonder if I lost my way creatively to focus on the business of creating a gallery. I wonder what’s next?……….

For today, it’s the Chicago Art Institute. I wonder what I will see and learn. Take care. C2

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