A Gift Giving Service

joydrop a delivery service providing handmade art

Our Joy Drop gift giving service makes it easy for you to share the joy of handmade pottery. You can support local businesses. Plus, deliver a surprise right to someone’s doorstep. No need to worry about long shipping times or availability.

A beautifully handmade, low-impact gift will add joy to daily routines.

THE GIRLFRIENDS – Your best buds. What would you do without them? Everything is better when you are with them. They make you laugh, they make you cry, and they get you through a pandemic. Too bad you can’t always be together. We’ve got you. Send a mug when your “mug” can’t be there. ♥

THE CONNOISSEUR – We all know that person who geeks out looking for the ultimate cup of coffee or tea. Or, maybe it is that friend who is doing their best to keep their footprint small in this world. Give them something that will make them feel good each time they reach for it: handmade, low-impact, small batch. ♥

THE OFFICE – Not the popular series everyone binge-watches, but maybe the same vibe. What is the office these days? Is it working at the office, from home, or a hybrid? Do you know your co-workers? When it comes to office gift-giving, think of our Shop & Drop service. Yep, this is easy. ♥

How Does The Joy Drop Service Work?

• Choose a ceramic mug or cup, jewelry, home decor, or other gift item. Add them to your cart.

• Once you have selected all of your gifts, please checkout. Add delivery details by selecting “ship to a different address” if giving as a gift.  Add a message for your recipient in the box below the shipping address.

• Have any questions or not sure what to choose, ask us! We always have ideas. Feel free to call/text us: 802-272-2904 or email us.