making, making,….and a visit from a great friend

A very good friend of mine arrived last Thursday. She came to visit Grand Haven for the very first time and she chose Coast Guard Week. Our town is Coast Guard USA and a town of 20k becomes a humming community of 250,000 for one week. I was very nervous about whether she would like the area or not. Bottom line the concerns were wasted energy. She just wanted to spend time with me and see where I was living. I was able to see Lake Michigan through her eyes and enjoy it immensely. Polly is an awesome potter who is no longer making pots. After two days, she quietly said, “hey, do you think I could throw a few things?” Of course! Let’s get into the studio. It is like riding a bike for her and within an hour she had six large bowls and several tumblers. I will trim them, glaze, and fire them. It will be nice to ship them to Vermont and think about her enjoying them on a daily basis.

ArtPrize – I got the third side of my pyramid rolled out, cut and drying some. I know how I will finish it. I made the corners last night. I think everything is looking good. One more test firing for some glaze ideas and we are ready to do the final firing. Lots of ideas whirling in my head. I continue to refine them. Time to get moving.

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