Midwest Photographer started at Michigan State University, worked at LOOK Magazine, & became an Artist

Midwest Photographer started at Michigan State University, worked at LOOK Magazine, & became an Artist

Are you in the same career that you were 20 years ago?  I’m not.  You wouldn’t believe the twists and turns that I have had.  Sometime, when you are in the gallery tell me about your work history.  I always find it interesting.

Back to School

In 1978,  I never would have believed that in 2014, I would own C2C Gallery.  Entering college, we make choices with what we know at that time.  We try to answer questions like:  What subjects do you enjoy?  What is relatively easy for you to understand?  Is there a career that you think you would excel at and enjoy going to on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis?

This year, our featured artists at C2C have been varied.  I love meeting the artist, learning about and promoting their artwork.  If you go to past blog postings, you will be able to read the same 10 questions that we ask each featured artist.  In August, we had a NYC artist who created a Time Based Visual Art exhibit.  Camille Johnson drew a large graphite image that was the backdrop to the two videos that she created.  Over the last month, visitors who travel a lot have told me that all over our country young artists are creating this form of art.

 Camera 35 1964

Beginning on Friday, September 5, C2C Gallery is hosting Douglas R Gilbert.   We are honored to display Douglas’ photographs.  He has been a serious photographer since the age of 14.  Mr. Gilbert did not study photography.  He majored in sociology.  This study taught him to relate people to other people and to their environment, the latter to consider photographs as pictures, not as technical exercises in manipulating a camera or in tone reproductions. (Excerpt from an article in Camera 35, August/September 1964)

1964Sept-Camera 35 - 2

Douglas was quoted saying “I feel that too many photographers today concern themselves with technical problems, devices, and tricks.  Granted, technical ability is necessary, but content is vital.  The only way to communicate with photographs is to understand why you are making them.   A photographer, if he is to communicate successfully, must be sensitive, intelligent, creative, and understanding.”

1964Sept-Camera 35 - 3

So, how do we coach our children to choose wisely?  I am not sure.  I always tried to suggest that all you could do was to trust that the choice made today is the best that can be made with the information at hand.  Their lives will unfold with unforeseen opportunities that will open unexpected doors.  All they need is the courage to follow the path.

We will have Douglas R Gilbert’s exhibit “Italian Light” on display from Friday, September 5 through Sunday, September 28.