“More than any other colour, red is loaded for action”

It’s almost that time of year – Valentine’s Day.  A time that we are told we need to show our love for the important people in our lives.  Is it a “Hallmark Day”?  Some years, I think it is all very silly.  I hope that I show my love by my actions throughout the year.  Then, other years, it is very important to me that I receive a nice card or cards (yes, kids, it would be nice to give your mom a card) or even flowers.  With my being wishy-washy, wouldn’t you hate to be my partner?

Christi Dreese's Valentines paintingsPainting by Christi Dreese

Robert Genn talks about the artists’ red.  There are many names for the color red:  vermilion, madder, scarlet, cerise, persimmon, sanguine, cinnabar, rouge, crimson, geranium, ruby, rose and more.  He talks about how almost every work of art benefits or is warmed by adding red to it.  Red is charged with emotion and promise.  Red speaks for heroism and bravery, honesty and patriotism.  Red is also the red badge of courage, redcoats, the thin red line, red sails in the sunset, and a jolly red nose.  My love may be like a red red rose, my sins, as well as my politics, may be red.  Red is also red tape, red ink, red wine, red lips, red blood, red earth, red barons, red barns, red hearts, red thoughts and red herrings.  Red means anger, fire, storms of the heart, love and war.  Even women can be scarlet.  More than any other colour, red is loaded for action. (Excerpt from Robert Genn’s bi-weekly newsletter)


So, get your red on.  Give a handmade piece of artwork to those who make a difference in your life.  We have lots of red.

Stone Ping's ImageStone Ping’s Lone Flower

Grand Haven Key Chain

Grand Haven Key Chain by Kristy Sickles

Michael Kifer's mugs

Michael Kifer’s mugs

Knitting Bowls

Knitting Bowls

Jodi Steen, artist

Painting by Jodi Steen

Teapot by Michael Kifer

Teapot by Michael Kifer

Soap by the Green Daffodil Gals

Soap and Candles by the Green Daffodil Gals

Christi Dreese Paintings

Christi has several variations in this series.