Mother’s Day come and gone.

Is Mother’s Day a “Hallmark” day or truly something worth honoring?

I am one of the lucky ones.  I had a good childhood.  Not perfect, but good.  No one has a perfect childhood. The older I get, I am more aware that everyone has similar angsts while growing up. Some of us, are just better at hiding them and soldiering on.  When my kids were young, I would tell them, “you don’t have to get me anything for Mother’s Day, just wish me a nice day.”  Now that my children live in other states, I find myself wishing that they did more than call and wish me a “Happy Mother’s Day”.  But, I am the one who made it ok for them to just call.  It’s funny isn’t it, that we start a habit and then realize that we don’t like the habit that has been formed. Oh, well, I guess that’s life.

I am almost able to accept, that I can be only be me, with all my faults, experiences, hardships, joys, stumbles, successes and backslides. That is also true of my mother. No matter what happened, our awareness and work brought us to where we are today.  My mother taught me to hold my tongue and opinions to myself; to be patient; and to love unconditionally.  I am not always successful.  But, hey, I am a work in progress.

By the way, my oldest son, did take time from his busy life to fly to Michigan and spend the weekend with me. We missed having his wife with us.  However, she was honoring her mother and spending time with her.

It’s Monday morning.  Time to focus (my word for the year) and get to work.  Let’s celebrate our biological or our chosen families.  Take care, C2

My family


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