My day starts better with art and walking the beach.

Cyn: Good Morning, What’s it like outside?

Me: Oh My, it is lovely.

Cyn: Wait, it looks like it’s raining.

Me: I know, isn’t it beautiful?

Cyn: You are a nut.

This is a standard morning conversation we have.  It isn’t me making lemonade out of lemons.  It is me loving every day I live in this wonderful area (along Lake Michigan). I love the snow, the rain, the sunshine, the seasonal changes.

foggy day at Grand Haven state park

Foggy afternoon at Grand Haven State Park

My day is somehow better when I start with a cup of coffee from a beach-sand mug(by Cyndi Casemier). My afternoons in the office are less dreary because I spot a handmade teal bird (by Tonya Rund).  I just love Tonya Rund’s creatures. 

Tonya Rund ceramic birds

I cannot think of a better reminder of how lucky I am to live close to Lake Michigan than seeing a Mark Mehaffey sunset painting.  Art in my every day life, improves it in so many ways.

Sunset Painting by mark mehaffey

If you haven’t spread a blanket for a sunset; watched the wind bend a Lodge Pole Pine; or seen the erosion?  Come visit West Michigan.

The weather is lovely outside today…I promise.

(written by Bruce Miller and okayed by C2)

Grand Haven State Park

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