Now, the work is getting real – clay work

We are settling into our classroom and the work. Antonionette does a great job of demonstrating, providing information, and challenging us. One of the difficulties is the rain. It is very humid, even with a wood-burning stove in the classroom, our pots are having a difficult time drying.

We were asked to make V-shaped forms on the potter’s wheel using anywhere between 1.5 and 3 pounds. Thrown very thin. Usually 1.5 pounds could make a large mug. Throwing very thin, it makes a fairly large vase. We wait for them to set up, then begin trimming the inside and outside of the pots. Antoinette talked about ways to prevent or remove throwing lines so that if we create translucent vessels the lines will not show. Basically, compressing the clay. If you aren’t a potter, you are questioning what we are talking about.

Antonionette has challenged me to make a nonfunctional teapot from two pinch pots, pinching a spout, but create one that relates to the work that I make at home. Hmmmm, what does that mean. I think squared. Texture or no texture? So, far with very few pieces drying, its make and wait. She also challenged me to throw a larger “V” shaped form – twice the size of my first two. You will see this one above. The real challenge is that I am throwing thinner than I have in the past. Antonionette had a look and said that I needed to thin it another 30%!! These forms are so thin that they are just thicker than 1/16 inch.

Here is my favorite piece that Antonionette brought to the workshop. It’s all good! I am feeling challenged, present, and ready to continue learning.

Take good care and be creative today. C2