On the 3rd day of Christmas – C2C Style

On the 3rd day of Christmas, we are all about drinking vessels: tumblers, cups, mugs, yuonomis, tea bowls, glasses, and goblets.

Mugs, tumblers, yuonomis, teabowls, glasses, goblets

Handmade drinking vessels can be used for all kinds of beverages. In warm weather, I like to drink water and iced tea out of a Mike Taylor tumbler. On First Fridays, I use the same tumbler for wine to be carried around the gallery while I talk with visitors. In the cold months, tea in all types of drinking vessels to warm me and my hands. For mugs, you should pick them up and see how they feel in your hand. Does the handle work well for the way you hold a mug? We all have our preferences for large or small cups, one finger or two or even our entire hand fitting within the handle. Our Cory McCrory goblets even have a rattle inside the base to give the user a smile when they wash it or pick it up before filling it. As a gift, how about adding:

  • A container of tea
  • A bag of coffee
  • Chocolate kisses
  • A small bottle of liqueur
  • Fortino’s peanuts
  • Truffles
  • Come on in to the gallery or call, 616-935-7337. We are happy to ship a mug with treats for a special person. Cheers, Cyndi

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