Original Art Warms Your Favorite Rooms & Life

We have a lot of fun staging artwork. Sharing how you can incorporate handmade original art in your life.  It’s been fun working out of the house.

landscape sunset painting by mark mehaffey

“Sunset at the Lake”, 30 x 40 inches, by Mark Mehaffey

When you were decorating your house, did you think about what would make you feel the most comfortable? Inviting for friends and family? For me, original art does just that. Original art doesn’t mean that your home becomes a museum. It helps you warm your rooms with a vitality that is undefinable. As I have collected pottery, paintings, glass, prints, and photography, I remember the day that I selected a piece. I remember the artist or information about the artist. The memory always brings a smile to my face.

Holy Guacamole! Bowl by Tom Edwards

Holy Guacamole Bowl!

Later, today, we are hosting a live facebook event talking about what makes a great handmade bowl.  Please join us to see what we share.  I can always use a new bowl for something – beach glass, q-tips, nuts, candy, rice, ice cream, guacamole, cereal, soup, a casserole, potatoes, a roast, and even succulents.

succulents in a Richard Aerni ceramics plattr

We will consider the rim; the inside and outside curve; the foot; how it feels in our hands; what does the bottom look like;  how to use the serving piece; decoration and glaze; and more. Facebook Live is almost like a First Friday Event but not the same without your interaction.  But wait, you can interact with me, if you are on Facebook at 1pm.  🙂

Sarah and I hope that you have a nice Memorial Day weekend, whatever you do.  I am hoping for time and weather to work in the yard, maybe a bike ride, a walk, and enjoying our fire pit on the deck.  Pretty quiet but I am thankful for the things that we can do and enjoy – there are many.

Take good care, c2.

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