Pete Seeger and the “Weeds” television Series

Pete Seeger and the “Weeds” television Series.

Do you remember the Pete Seeger song “Little Boxes on a Hillside…” or the Weeds Series opening tune?

I have been thinking of our houses in small towns and large cities.  The people inside of them.  Our lives.  Then, I always move to our waterfront, in Grand Haven.  The movement of the sand and waves.  The landscape changes daily.  How do I incorporate these thoughts and images into and on my ceramic work.   I know that I need to quiet the work.  Less amount of information.

For now, I am making simple houses.  Low lying flat bowls textured on the bottoms made out of porcelain and glazed in celadon green.  We will see where this leads me.   Time to make clay and get into the gallery/studio.

Another version of “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds.  Enjoy!