Abbey Fitzpatrick

Encaustic by Abbey Fitzpatrick

Abbey Fitzpatrick 2014 nonconforminghenge

Abbey Fitzpatrick 2014 Counterpoint

Abbey Fitzpatrick 2017

Abbey Fitzpatrick grew up in Spring Lake. She has had careers in social work and mortgage banking. Abbey returned to the Mid West in 1997 enrolling in Kendall College of Art and Design. Today, Abbey teaches design at Kendall and Grand Rapids Community College. She continues to work as a studio artist.
Abbey’s subject matter is diverse, often abstract or non-objective. She also enjoys using various media in one piece.  Abbey’s main emphasis for most of her career has been to present mundane, functional, often discarded objects in a way which emphasizes what she sees as the beauty of their form. Often Abbey is asking the viewer to perform visual analogy, observing the object and being reminded (sometimes humorously) of something entirely different in terms of subject, function or scale.
Abbey Fitzpatrick Atticus Rex
Most recently, Abbey has been working in Encaustic on panel.  Encaustic involves combining refined beeswax, resin and pigment and manipulating the mixture with heat.
Abbey has won awards and is in many collections through out the Midwest.  The West Shore Symphony has recently added to their collection by purchasing a painting of Abbey’s which was displayed at the 2014 Regional Art Show at the Muskegon Museum of Art.
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