Dk Cobalt Crystalline Vase sitting on a table

Green Crystalline Vase by Brooks Bouwkamp

white vase with crystals

Lt Cobalt Crystalline Vase by Brooks Bouwkamp

Brooks Bouwkamp 5_600Brooks Bouwkamp’s crystalline pottery is one of a kind. He has taught many classes teaching ceramic throwing and firing workshops for high schools, colleges, and art centers.

The masterful use of crystalline glaze and the intricate patterns on Brook’s pottery are stunning. It is the result of a precise chemistry and kiln-firing schedule. This is necessary to grow crystals in the surface of his porcelain pots. Because the process is very unique, it is one that few potters will attempt, much less master. There may be 50 potters in the US who call themselves Crystalline glaze potters. Brooks is clearly one of the best.

During the firing process, the crystals form and grow into unpredictable patterns. For that reason, Brooks work stands alone at the gallery. You can use these pots in a variety of ways. A single flower inserted into a vase or as a stand alone object of beauty Brooks work is extraordinary and unique.

Most notably, Brooks crystalline pottery can be found published in books, in galleries, and in private collections throughout the United States. Please go to Brooks website to learn more about his ceramic artwork and how to purchase his vases: