Cory McCrory

Cory McCrory Mug

Cory McCrory-06


Cory McCrory is another of our artists who use color in a wonderful way.  Cory’s work combines the age-old art of the Potter with newer ideas and techniques, together expressing her incredibly creative and inventive imagination.  The colors are vibrant and the shapes are whimsical and fun.
What sets McCory’s work apart from other potters is her use of Paper Clay.  If you lift a mug or any other piece of Cory’s work, you will notice its lightness – this is because Cory recycles McDonald’s cardboard cup-holders; mixing it with her clay to create clay that holds color differently and is environmentally friendly.  Less cardboard in landfills, and great pieces.  Cory is a treasure and her pieces can be used for everyday enjoyment.



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