Deborah began painting landscapes using an impressionistic style. Life changes caused a change in her thinking with regard to her creative life. This artist has found abstract painting a freeing process of working. You will find an energetic spirit of playfulness and joy; elements of surprise; and unexpected use of materials (acrylics, paint markers, water-soluble crayons, drawing pencils and more).
Deb says about her art, “For me, creating a painting is like solving a problem, completing a puzzle, or playing a game. The stragety of the game changes as each player makes a move. I am the first player and the piece of art is the second player. Our interaction encourages creativity and determines the outcome. Each mark I make on my creation’s surface informast the next move. It’s always a process – an approach to creativity that frees the mind and produces art to inspire, uplift, energize, and excite its viewers and surrounding environment.
Deb Bowen has been the recipient of several awards in juried shows throughout Michigan.