Diane Van Noord

Years ago when Diane was learning to paint with the palette knife, she had a very short and vivid dream of seeing a most satisfying and “delicious” passage of layered paint that she had created with the palette knife. The paint was so rich and beautiful that she has always remembered it as the quality she always strives for in her work.

It has been 28 years since she began painting, starting with watercolor, then exploring acrylic and mixed media, and discovering painting in oils with the palette knife in 1997, which has been her “artistic home” ever since.

Through her method of painting with the palette knife, which gives her a strong tactile feel of the paint, she finds the freedom to explore and express her favorite subjects in a manner that is visually, as well as emotionally, satisfying.  Each painting becomes an adventure of personal expression that aims at simplicity and beauty.

She is always inspired by the natural world we live in with its many wonderful shapes, colors, and textures.  This inspiration, combined with her emotional response and sense of place in a landscape, her paintings become expressions of impressionistic realism.

All her paintings are signed on the front with a calligraphic signature mark shown here and a full signature on the back.

Diane began entering juried competitions and exhibitions in 1994.  Since then, she has been accepted and invited to exhibit in over 80 events in the USA and in Florence, Italy in 2005.  Her paintings have won several awards over the years, and both she and her work have been featured in art books and magazines such as International ArtistAmerican Art Collector and Artist’s Magazine. Her work has also been featured on the cover of 48 Degrees North Sailing Magazine twice. Selected exhibitions are listed below.

At the end of 2016, Diane returned to live near family in her hometown of Grand Haven, Michigan, after nine years of living and working in Arizona.