Handmade Ceramic Drinkware

handmade ceramic mug by cyndi casemier lake michigan sand

handmade beach mug by cyndi casemier

Orange II Beach Sand Tumbler by Cyndi Casemier

Handmade ceramic mugs and tumblers are the best way to enjoy a beverage.  It makes a cup of coffee or tea, special.  You will enjoy watching friends and family select their cup for use.  This is a gallery of current and past wheel thrown and hand built drinking vessels.

Cyndi Casemier is the owner of C2C Gallery and a potter. The influence by sand movement, Lake Michigan, waves, birds, and tall lodge pole pines are critical to her work. As a result, it will  remind you of wonderful days at the beach or a simpler place in time with her small houses. Cyndi works with a porcelain clay body and often incorporates Lake Michigan sand from our wonderful beaches. Therefore, the combination of sand, beach grasses and the lakeshore images evoke a special place.

Cyndi believes that life is better when it includes ART. She loves helping you find the perfect art for your homes, cottages and offices. Cyndi wants to make it easy to incorporate art into your every day. Her handmade mugs are meant to be used daily.  They can be washed in the dishwasher.  Beverages can be re-warmed in the microwave.  Enjoy using her cups for many years.

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