handmade enameled steel pendant with an Australian boulder opal

enameled steel sticks with hoops, handmade

handmade black leather wrap bracelet

We love Julie Billups jewelry and hope you do, also. Julie attended art school in the 1980’s. However, she needed to delay a creative life for one of a surgeon, which can be creative, too.  Julie is an oral surgeon and a mom of three. Her favorite things include her messy studio, her loud family, and cold red wine.

Julie has a need for her hands to be busy at all times. Whether she’s wrist deep in wisdom teeth or metal clay, she’s rarely idle.

Consequently, with a love of all things creative, Julie found a way to marry her passion for the arts with the skills she used every day as an oral surgeon. As a result, her style of using enamel, silver, and other metals came swimming into view!  Her jewelry collection includes earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

You will love this artist’s ever changing colorful designs.  Julie uses steel, sterling silver, enamel, 22k gold, labradorite and tourmaline.

If you would like to learn what Julie currently has available, please go to her website:  shopsilverfish.com.

reversible and removable earring jackets with vesuvianite stone studs handmade

handmade enameled steel earring jackets with shibori pattern and removable tourmaline studs

handmade reversible and interchangeable earrings

handmade enamel steel earrings with aqua stripes