Julie Devers – Wood Fired

handmade ceramic mug wood fired by julie devers

handmade ceramic mug wood fired by julie devers

handmade cups wood fired by julie devers great for bourbon or whiskey sipping

Julie Devers Wood fired kilnWe are sure you will love Julie Devers Wood Fired Pottery!

Julie Devers is a graduate of Notre Dame and a Master of Fine Arts degree from University of Montana, Julie has spent a lifetime refining her pottery skills and making functional pottery.  In addition to creating her own artwork, Julie teaches at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.

Pots fired in an anagama wood kiln do not have a glaze applied to the exterior surface.  The finished color and surface are determined by the clay materials, placement in the kiln, temperature and the duration of the firing.   In a five day kiln firing, the ash of several cords of wood melts to form a glazed surface.  The flame creates subtle and unique patterns as it weaves through hundreds of  stacked pots.   The physical and emotional experience of the firing process seems to radiate from each one-of-a-kind piece unloaded from the kiln.

Julie says, “Using handmade objects cause the senses to awaken. Transform your everyday rituals into special comforting moments.”

If you are interested in purchasing functional pottery from Julie, please go to her website:  newgrangepottery.com.