original hand pulled print with birds nest in a tree overlooking hones to the lake

The Garden by lee ann frame

original hand pulled print of a trail through the woods

Lee Ann Frame is a West Michigan artist who loves to travel. She teaches at Muskegon Community College. She received her BFA from Grand Valley State University and a MFA from Kendall College of Art and Design. 

All of the prints that you see are original. Each hand pulled. The image begins with a drawing. Some on location and others in the studio. Printmaking has the curious fact that the image is a mirror of the original. Lee Ann works in several printmaking techniques: intaglio, etching, woodblock relief, and lithography.

This talented printmaker has had pieces of her work juried into over 100 International, National, Statewide, and Regional Exhibitions. Also, she has juried many state and regional art competitions. In addition to that, she continues to teach workshops in printmaking and bookbinding. Affiliated with the Society of American Graphic Artists; South West Michigan Printmakers International Society of Experimental Artists; Nautilus Fellowship Member; and Mid American Print Council. Above all, Lee Ann has recently been accepted as a member of the prestigious Boston Printmakers. 

Lee Ann says:

“I still remember the first time that I was able to swing on my own, pulling and pumping the swing back and forth until I could go no higher. There was a momentary pause at the top of each swing when for a fraction of a second I would escape gravity. And in this hesitation was a world of freedom, this is the same world that I enter while I’m out in nature, drawing, breathing in, and hoping to remember the smell of water, and of the forest’s floor and trees. Born near the shores of Lake Michigan, I am especially fervent for and fascinated by the rugged coastline with its undulating patterns and textures.

I investigate the unusual and unexpected forces of the natural world where a narrative can begin as it merges with emotions. Like life, my art evolves and can have unexpected epiphanies. Printmaking has proven to be a very satisfying way for me to explore the complexities of life.  I am inspired by the physicality of printmaking; creating rich layers, surface textures through the processes of etching, softground, drypoint, multiple plates and chine collé.  It is my hope that my work lives in the “world between” and perhaps taps the “suspended world” in the viewer.

Landscape is a recurring theme in my prints.  There are days when the lure of nature beckons me out of the studio. A rendezvous begins in the merging and interactions of the unexpected forces found in nature–when landscape elements compose before me in their collision of undulating patterns and textures. I prefer drawing on site and other times photographing. Through renderings the image gradually evolves capturing a fleeting moment. 

Back in the studio compositional drawings are worked out keeping in mind that the image will print in reverse, a mirror image. Printmaking has proven to be a very satisfying way for me to explore the complexities of the natural world. I am inspired by the physicality of printmaking; creating rich layers and surface textures through the processes.  My intention is to focus and immerse into my surroundings whilst implementing my printmaking skills.  It is my hope that my work will evolve–like life; finding place and sense of direction.”