Ronna Alexander is a Michigan encaustic artist.

Ms. Alexander has been consulting domestically and internationally for over 20 years. She uses drawing as her form of communication for companies across all industries.  Ronna resides in Douglas, Michigan with her husband, 3 daughters, pup, chickens and a hive filled with bees! She has even used some of her own beeswax in her paintings.

Ronna says, “Working with encaustics allows for the unexpected. As I work, I make choices which  lead to my work through color and stroke.  But in the end, the painting creates itself. It is an ongoing learning process for me. Allowing the wax to do what it will, building layer upon layer, watching it bring some detail to the surface while quieting other areas down. It’s a peaceful space for me. A place where I can engage most of my senses. The scent of the beeswax, the colors that shift one way or the other when it moves from liquid to solid, the sound of the flame used to fuse each layer into one. I love every aspect of this ever-evolving medium which is as expansive as the landscapes it represents… continually urging me to set down my expectations and be present for what is about to unfold.”

Most importantly, Ronna uses handmade frames from reclaimed wood. The wood comes from the Bigelow-Cooper building of Bay City, Michigan constructed in 1915. This factory was demolished to revitalize the property in 2017. A large part of the structural lumber was intentionally salvaged to pass its history for hundreds of years to come as a fine picture frame!

If you would like to learn more about Ronna’s encaustics and available art, please contact her at