schyler binkley black handmade ceramic mug
red handmade ceramic mug by schyler binkley
white handmade ceramic mug by schyler binkley
green handmade ceramic mug by schyler binkley


Schyler Binkley is a Michigan potter and musician.  In high school, he was spending weekends playing music.  In college, he fell in love with ceramics.  He graduated from Western Michigan University with a BFA in ceramics.  He credits Paul Flickinger, his professor, for finding his path.  Fast forward, for five years, he made pots every day.  Learning how to manage a studio and balance life.

For Schyler, “Pottery speaks on a deep level. It’s beyond words, something more instinctual. It’s familiarity — a sense of home. That feeling is what I’m seeking in my work. I believe that a pot should feel right above all else. This leads to somewhat simple shapes and surfaces. I find myself finishing more and more of my pots with a thin, subtle glaze. More than technical tricks, I try to distill my pots down to the point that they tell the truth.”