Land Between Sy Ellens

Bouquet of Trees acrylic on canvas 20x24_800

Sy Ellens painting

Fenceline by Sy Ellens

Sy - CopySy Ellens has a deep connection to the land.  Growing up on a farm required a bond and understanding of the crops and animals.  That early connection to the land and his observation over a lifetime became the inspiration for his paintings, which capture the beauty of the land that we see daily.  He shows us the aerial viewpoint and uses color to express the positive beauty of the land we live on.  His use of warm fiery reds, yellows and oranges creates a rich positive image.  His use of blue, green and purple bring calming and soothing feelings to his work.  These paintings would be perfect to anchor a room and make a statement.  The bold colors and organic nature of Sy’s subjects create a WOW.  They also have a very calming and elemental feel.

Sy has has won over 160 awards for his work over the years.  To list them all isn’t possible here, but some selected accomplishments are:

The Artists Magazine-1st prize for acrylics
National Watercolor Society-High winds Medal
National Society of Artists-best of show

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