Thomas and Sarah Gelsanliter

One Acre Ceramics teapot

One Acre Cermamics candle

One Acre Ceramics vase

Small Tumblers


Sarah and Thomas are potters who were trained in the traditional sense. Thomas received his MFA from Cranbrook Academy and Sarah was trained in Asia, more specifically Japan. Sarah also was an artist/potter for Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan. Their work is a unique collaboration. Sarah “throws” the shapes and Thomas hand carves the intricate designs. Using this collaboration they are able to team up to create work that neither of them would be able to accomplish by themselves.

East Lansing Art Festival, Town Mall Honorary Award for ” Cup wall #2″,
NICHE Award finalist in Holiday category;
NICHE Award finalist in Functional Ceramics category;
Strictly Functional Pottery National, Purchase Award for “Salt and Pepper Set” Lancaster PA;
Our Cups Runneth Over: Functional and Sculptural Ceramic Cups exhibition at the Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston MA

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