Last Light – Original Acrylic Painting


Last Light is an Original Acrylic Painting by Michelle Courier. Michelle has been featured in prominent art collector magazines.

  • Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas
  • 24×48
  • Unframed
  • Colors may slightly vary from image on screen

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Last Light is an Original Acrylic Painting by Michelle Courier. Michelle has been featured in prominent art collector magazines.

Michelle Courier is a painter known for her large water and woodland landscape paintings. They seem to glow with a light of their own. She considers herself to be both a realist and impressionistic painter.  This artist is recognized as one of the top 100 artists in the Midwest. Michelle’s paintings are held in private and public art collections such as Dow Corning, Domino Farms, Oracle, Wells Fargo and the Shanghai Bank of China HSBC.

Michelle has also been featured in prominent art collector magazines such as American Art Collector, Southwest Art and many others.

Ms. Courier took family car trips all over the United States. Therefore, Michelle’s love of the outdoors and hiking has influenced her large landscape and abstract paintings.

Michelle says, “Art has always been a vital part of my life. In the early seventies, my father, a painter and art educator, designed a Michigan home for our family to grow in a creative environment. My strongest memories were living in a beautiful home that was surrounded by trees and overlooking a pond. My family was always involved in some creative endeavor. Since my dad was a teacher, we traveled every summer. We would drive our green Dodge van across the United States. On our trips, my dad would photograph the landscape, some old rusty truck in the middle of a field or a store front that he found interesting. When we returned home, each fall and winter he would paint the images he found most inspiring. The process of converting a photograph to a painting goes far beyond tracing the lines of an image. It is capturing the essence of that place that makes it a work of art.”

“Growing up in Michigan, with its four seasons, offers a great variety of inspiring ideas to paint from as well. Spring with its beautiful red buds and tulips, summer with its glorious lakes and ponds, fall with its orange sugar maple leaves, and winter with its white wonderland. Michigan’s forests and pastoral landscapes inspire me to paint. I consider myself a realist and impressionistic painter. Bouncing between the two, I love to create visible brush strokes and textures that allow two different ways to enjoy the painting. Up close they are impressionistic; from a distance very realistic. Travel is still a great part of my life.”

These works will make a great focal point in your office, cottage or home.


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