Rose Cabat at 100

I was able to visit the Tucson Museum of Art this week. What a nice museum! It had a contemporary space that exhibited a variety of shows. Plus, an adobe building that displayed older western paintings, Native American rugs and pots. One of the shows is of Bob Kuhn’s sketches and paintings. It was nice to see his process in going from conti pencil sketches to finished oil paintings. I heard an art student talking about how great it was to learn that you must sketch all of the time to better your techniques as an artist. This exhibit showed the student that even recognized artists take many steps to complete a project. I loved being able to see movement develop in each of his sketches as he progressed to painting. I photographed his comment about his method of creating a painting:


“Drawing on Instinct” by Bob Kuhn


The other show was of Rose Cabat’s ceramic work. Rose will be 100 years old this summer. Her goal is to make pots as long as Beatrice Wood. She had luscious glazes on her “feelies”. Rose called her small closed form porcelain pots “feelies”. I had read about her using this term and wondered why. After seeing the pots in person, I get it. I wonder if ceramics, with all of the many skill sets needed to make a pot; making glazes; firing kilns; help potters live long lives.


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