On the 2nd Day of Christmas – C2C Style

Richard Aerni’s Soup Tureen

For today’s featured item, learn how would I use this handmade ceramic serving dish.

Richard Aerni’s ceramic soup tureen

One December, when I was living in Vermont, I attended an artist’s open house. He was selling pots just coming out of the kiln. His wife served fabulous appetizers and sweet treats served on handmade ceramic serving platters. The beverage offered was mulled wine refilled in a lovely tureen like this one made by Richard Aerni.

So, how could you use this lovely serving dish?

  • Soup
  • Mulled wine
  • Stew
  • Hot cider
  • Spiked egg nog (or not)
  • Buttered rum.
  • It be fun to have a warm toddy offered to family and friends as they take off their coats. We have only one of these, unique gifts. Have a wonderful day. Cheers, c.

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