Unique Pottery & Ceramics

C2C offers a variety of handmade pottery. Our clients enjoy using handmade pottery mugs, bowls, vases, and serving pieces.  The ceramic cups can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.  Our ceramic artists are:  Richard Aerni, Marion Angelica, Brooks BouwkampCyndi Casemier, Julie Devers, Tom Edwards, Michael Kifer, and Cory McCrory.

There’s something special about handmade ceramic mugs.  We cherish our quiet moments with morning coffee.  Spring afternoon tea with a friend on the porch.  A hot cocoa with family on cold blustery winter evenings.

But, it’s more than these moments.  Your choice of a handmade mug reflect your personality and unique flair.  A rich story that begins in the mug maker’s hands.  A story that becomes wrapped in your own as you travel through your daily life.  Savoring these daily and special moments with your favorite mug in hand.  

Finding that perfect handmade mug or drinking vessel is not always easy.  We have several amazing ceramic artists who have taken the time – more than 10,000 hours – to create this simple but very pleasing form.