Storms at the Lake

Storms at the Lake. Wow!  Did the winds blow yesterday!  I was in the gallery, only a few people were downtown.  Then the rains came and it was really blowing.  I closed up the gallery, thinking I would rather have my car in the garage than outside.  Of course, I had to go down Harbor Drive to the State Park to watch the storm.  The road out to the beach was busy – people headed out to watch the storm.  You would have thought it was a summer weekend day.  One of our photographers, Bob Walma, was out there for several hours.  Check out his newest video,  Stormy Sunday Afternoon.

Stormy Sunday Afternoon 2013 by Bob Walma

Stormy Sunday Afternoon 2013 by Bob Walma

Bob has been waiting for a storm like this for quite awhile.  I got a kick out of how excited he was to be out there taking pics and video of it.  I had many out of state friends messaging me asking if we were ok.  The national news had information about our storms here in the midwest.  So, I thought if you have been out to our lakeshore, you might enjoy seeing what you missed.

 We have several of Bob’s Lakeshore images on our website.  Did you know that you can buy from our artisans online, via our website?  Anita and I have been working on this for a long time.   Now, if you don’t feel like heading to downtown Grand Haven, you can visit us when it is convenient for you.  We will continue to add more items over time.  Check back often.  

During Friday’s Light Night, I had fun demonstrating on my kick and electric potter’s wheels.  Lots of great questions from viewers.  I finished the canisters that I made that night plus trimmed all of the bowls.  I can’t wait to see everything glazed.  Have a super week whatever you have planned.  Stop in to see the finished canisters and bowls.  They will be out of the kiln the weekend after Thanksgiving.