Studio and Life Musings, 7

What did you do this week, or not….?

I signed up for an online ceramics course. What was I thinking?! I didn’t get to attend this week either. I am hoping to watch the recording while working in the studio this weekend. I have beach tumblers and mugs, serving bowls, plus houses and ornaments being ordered. Only two more firing this year. I need to be organized and make them count. Keeping my fingers crossed that the kiln gods will bless me with good firings.


Gift Ideas

Joy Drop for Him

Joy Drop for the Cook

Joy Drop for the Sports Buff

And yes, we have a puppy in the house.  As an artist, I have always pushed the boundaries with schedules.  When, I had kids, I always got up with them, made breakfast, and got them on their way. Attended sporting and art events. Made family dinners.  Now, with no kids in the house, I found myself staying up later and sleeping in a bit later  – 7 am.  And now a puppy, Leo.  Back to bed at 10 and up at 6 or 6:30.  He’s cute and learning quickly.  Makes us smile.  It’s all good.  But…..when will I have more time in the studio? Check out all of the toys that he has gathered!

Please take good care of yourself;  wear a mask when out and about; and do something that makes you smile today, C2.

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