Studio and Life Musings of a 60 year old ceramic artist, 6

Studio and Life Musings of a 60 year old ceramic artist, 6. How has your week been?  Mine was thrown a curve ball.  I thought I would be glazing this week.  It just didn’t work out.  Sarah, my gallery manager, has been sick – not COVID.  My daughter has been in limbo due to Covid circling around her.  Thankfully, she too did not get the virus.  But, she was finally able to move to Chicago.  If any of you have had children home and then moving forward with their adult lives, you know that it causes lots of commotion in your home.  No one is doing anything wrong, it just does. Oh, and Leo, the puppy is growing and learning.

On top of the moving and illness, we decided to re-design the C2C Gallery website.  Please have a look at the home page – new logo, focus, and handmade pottery, jewelry, glass and more for sale.  I like it – actually proud of how far we have come in a short amount of time.  I am grateful for the gals who help us move forward.  Once Camille, my daughter, is settled, you will see a change in our product imagery.  Some of her talents are photography and video.  She has taken the last several weeks to photograph our art.  You will find it in our Instagram account.

What is Joy Drop?

Joydrop is a happy service from C2C Gallery that makes bringing joy to someone’s day nearly effortless.  Choose from our on-line selection of hand-made and local gift options (plus to non-profits that serve our community and hungry families here and around the country). Each purchase supports artists and merchants in our West Michigan community, which spreads even more joy.  Why do I love this service?  It puts handmade items into your friends’ hands.  Hand-made connects us to one another.  I have heard it so many times – that a customer “didn’t get it” until they started drinking their morning coffee with a hand crafted mug.  Then, they were hooked.  A new handmade bowl was needed.  A piece of hand-fabricated jewelry discovered.  You can’t put your finger on why but you “know” that they are special and love wearing or using them.

joy drop is a service offering handmade art and local West Michigan products

Friday is always a reflection day.  What am I grateful for; what did we accomplish in gallery and studio; and what do we need to put on our list for next week?

I am grateful for the sales that we had this week.  I am so very grateful for the women who surround me.  My girlfriend in Seattle took the time to watch our artist studio visit and shared it with her pottery class students. I am grateful that my daughter got to Chicago safely and that Sarah is getting better. Plus, I was able to walk with two girlfriends this past week.

We have a new logo for the gallery – Joy Drop. We had several nice sales this week.  My studio is clean waiting for me to start glazing.  Next week is definitely a glaze week.  I am itchy to get making.  I have been watching an online pottery class that is inspiring me to make some new forms/changes to some standard ones.  Plus, we need more of my little houses and ornaments.

I hope you have some comfort and joy in your life.  Truly.

Take care, C2

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