Studio, Gallery, and Life: 35 Last Chance for art

Happy Fourth of July. How has your holiday weekend been? It’s so very nice to see friends; hangout with family; hike and other very normal things. These are the things that I missed in 2020. So grateful, that I am able to do them again.

My son and his wife plus my daughter are visiting. Plus, their dog and her cat. The four legged family members have gotten along fairly well. Liz and I hiked in Duncans Woods with the dogs yesterday. Liz thought the park was so nice for being inside the city limits. (It is.)


In the studio:

Camille and I organized my clay project for a photo shoot. I feel fortunate that Camille is willing to take the time to set up correctly and consider angles, lighting, shadows, etc. Today, we will photograph new images for social media and the website. Here’s a peak at the fired little houses.


In the gallery:

If you haven’t seen my social media posts, you probably haven’t read that Stephen Kostyshyn is retiring from the art world. He makes one of a kind ceramic basketry. If you don’t own a piece, you really should have a look at the remaining inventory.  Plus, we have new pottery by Julie Devers.  Check them out too.  Her ceramics are perfect for contemporary homes with their simple details, never competing with food or decor.


stephen kostyshyn holding a vase. reed basketry

Dreaming of travel?  Consider Knossos.  For my 50th birthday, I traveled to Crete.  So much history.  The people there are very nice too.

Do you know these 5 Surrealism artists?

We are half way through summer.  Peaches will be ripe in Michigan soon.  Maybe, they already are ready for eating.  If you like to cook, consider making this Peaches and Raspberry Crumble.  Yum!!!

Take good care,


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