Studio, Gallery and Life, 36: Staging for Photographs


How has your week been? Have you been able to read a book? Take a walk with a friend? For me it’s been a whirlwind. I can’t seem to get organized.  I did walk twice.  We had adult children visiting last weekend with their dog and cat.  Everyone played nice.  Camille left Dexter (her cat) with us so that she could visit friends and family in Vermont without having to worry about him.  Before she left, she helped me create a stage for photographing products for the gallery. It’s a new look for us.  I hope you enjoy it.  With the strange weather, I have been on the elliptical twice and used some free weights.  It will have to be good enough.  I think before today gets too far along, I will work out.  Then, weeding must happen before the grandkids visit.

The weather!!!  My friends in the NorthWest have been suffering.  No air-conditioning in their homes.  Three digit temperatures created buckling train tracks and more.  70 mile winds in Arizona and power outages.  I am so grateful for our air-conditioning and Lake Michigan breezes. We attended our first live performance since the pandemic began.  It was so MUCH fun!  If you live in West Michigan, consider getting tickets to Saugatuck’s Center for the Arts’ performance of Shout.  

shout performance 1960s


We have new pottery by Julie Devers.  I fell in love with a set of 4 pasta bowls. Almost all of her new work is online and ready for purchase.

handmade pottery pasta bowls by julie devers

pasta bowls set of four

Also, happening in the gallery.  Stephen Kostyshyn is retiring his line of ceramic baskets.  If you have been liking his artwork, you really should look at the pieces that we have in inventory.  This is the last of its kind.

Inside Blue Smoked Large Bowl by Stephen Kostyshyn


With family and friends visiting this past week, I didn’t get into my studio.  This new staging caused moving lots of things around.  For some reason, this movement has made me unable to get to work. Yesterday, we began setting up a new small electric kiln. Do your eyes glaze over with the thought of reading a manual? Mine do.  I am excited to be able to make a small run of pots; get them fired and glazed; and then consider them.  Here is a new vase.  Think “Time Passages”. How are you spending your days?

porcelain house shaped vase

Articles and Recipes:

Kale Italian Chop Salad – Yum!  Perfect for this time of year if you have your own garden or shop in farmer’s markets.

One Pot Burrata Lemon Pesto Pasta – Do you love burrata cheese and pesto?

Do you have a summer bucket list?  I haven’t made one but love this idea.

Healthy Peach Crisp for Two 

Travel the World for Free using CC Travel Points – I learned a couple of things about several credit cards.

Beet + Avocado Bowl – Have you gotten into making poke bowls at home?  When I eat out, I do enjoy them.  Hmmmm.

Marrakesh Carrots – This sounds good too.  A salad that will keep for a week.

Ok, time to get moving.  If you make any of these recipes send me a message on Instagram. Take a picture of how you served it up.

Have a really good week, how ever YOU choose to spend it,


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