Studio, Gallery, and Life, 38: Women Artists in glass and paintings

We had visitors last week which gave me the chance to be a tourist in our hometown.  It was fun seeing our lakeshore through our nieces’ eyes.  We had dinner on Lake Michigan; in Holland at Butch’s DryDock; meals at home; walks on the beach; and a visit to the Muskegon Museum of Art.

It was nice to visit the museum.  Currently, they are hosting the Bennett Prize Exhibit – an exhibit featuring women figurative realist painters.  It was fun to view talking about our favorite pieces.  There is also a glass exhibit that has some fabulous pieces.  My favorites are:

bennett prize amy werntz

Amy Werntz, Bennett Prize

Bennett Prize rebecca orcutt

Rebecca Orcutt, Bennett Prize

Toots Zynsky glass

Toots Zynsky, artist

Would you send me a note?  I am wondering about whether you would support a service featuring handmade mugs and locally sourced coffee or teas?  The idea is that we would feature different styles of handmade ceramic mugs, tea bowls, and accessories related to consuming beverages.  You could pair these items with Fortinos or Aldea Coffee or Fraser Teas.  I am looking at the tea and coffee offerings selecting several options that I think you would enjoy.

I have been enjoying tasting the variety of flavors the three companies offer.  My current favorite is using Fraser’s Cinnamon Black Tea as a base for sun tea.  Yum!!!

We are calling this service “JoyDrop“.  Get it?  Send a drop of tea or coffee with a handmade ceramic drinking vessel.

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